Reason #1 to vote for me: I’m Huge on Twitter (and I ain’t afraid to use it)



I'm Huge On Twitter

I'm Huge On Twitter

Ok, that was a little tongue-in-cheek, I admit. Quoting Ron Burgundy, “I’m kind of a big deal”.

In all seriousness… As voting for “A Really Goode Job” draws to a close within the next couple of weeks (I believe that voting will be open past the application deadline, which is this Friday, June 19th), I wanted to put forth 5 Goode reasons why you (yes you!) should vote for me, TheGoodeMaria. As part of the process, we have just 60 seconds to present ourselves in a video as the worthiest of candidates, which doesn’t allow for a very  complete picture. To that end, I created this blog and a Twitter account above and beyond my regular one. To further drive my message, I have come up with the following concept: over the following 5 days, I will focus on a very Goode reason why I am the best candidate for this job. So here we go!

As a social media junkie, I am knee deep in using, discovering and studying social technologies. I read and write blogs, interact with the community, Digg, YouTube, Tumble, Tweet and Facebook. I would have to say that Twitter is my favorite medium, as it allows for the most real-time and relevant interaction and deep, measurable reach. My reason #1 has to do with my ability to generate buzz via Twitter, as well as my deep reach on this platform.

Even though I started at a disadvantage to the job candidates that started the process weeks, even months ago (my video only went up last Thursday), I promoted the video with gusto since Thursday and generated 80 retweets and 1500 page views within the first 24 hours. As of the time of this writing, I have around 80 votes on my video, and it’s been up for just 4.5 days. Extrapolating on this trend, I would have had 600 votes within a month and easily 1000 votes since the contest started. Given my reach, I would have been easily one of the top vote-getters on the site. To ensure that I can increase conversion from pageviews to votes, I even created this handy webcast tutorial on how to vote.

Moreover, within 2 weeks, I generated 160 followers to my TheGoodeMaria twitter account, which given some extra time, would easily reach into 1,000s. As the contest wears on, and as I hope to end up in the top 10, I will continue to connect with the Twitter community, engaging in conversations, generating buzz and pageviews, via interesting and relevant content. Even though the number of votes is not the most important part of the process, the best candidates will have to demonstrate that they are able to engage and generate buzz. I am going all in, and I hope that my commitment and passion will motivate and inspire you all to vote!

If you think I add value, please take a moment and vote for me here. I truly appreciate and am humbled by your support.

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