Holistic Marketing – Don’t Tweet in a Vacuum

Today I am revisiting my “5 reasons why you should vote for me” series and putting reason #2 out there. So here it goes.. In addition to my reach and command of social tools, I am a holistic marketer and business person. I have been studying marketing my whole life, having obtained a BS in Commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce at UVa and an MBA with a marketing focus from Robert H. Smith School of Business (you can view my LinkedIn profile here). That means very little, but what’s important is that I have a vast understanding of the marketing mix, and how it fits into operations of the company. On this blog, I have started and will continue discussing issues pertaining not only to social media in wine, and Murphy Goode in particular, but also how social media efforts will fit into the overall marketing approach. Check out my posts on distribution and targeting and messaging

In short, I don’t tweet and blog in a vacuum, but rather use social media tools to reinforce and support a marketing strategy to reach a desired demographic. If you support this view, please vote for me here

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  1. My website GR8 BR& speaks about holistic branding. This is something I know in and out like the back of my hand. What speaks volumes is not Maria’s degrees or schooling (which I knew none of) it’s her and her presence. It didn’t matter what she did or does. What mattered to me upon first meeting her (and continued meeting with her) is her representation of who she is and what she stands for. Because of that I will do whatever I can to support her. That’s the mark of a truly brilliant brand.

    With holistic branding/marketing, everything you do is representative of you personally and professionally. Likewise, what your company does is reflective upon you. This is why it is extremely important to always stay true to your core values. These will lead you on autopilot when you need them the most.

    If you don’t believe me just Google ‘holistic branding’. My work speaks for itself because it speaks for me as I speak for my work.

    Maria is someone who “gets it”. She gets my endorsement wholeheartedly with no cajoling. I have even gone above and beyond to help her in ANY way possible because THAT is what you do with people who you value- you cultivate relationships and raise them up so both of you can be raised up together.

    This job isn’t about wine nor social media. It’s about presence, value and relationships. Your employees ultimately need to be your brand ambassadors. People will relate them with your brand. You need to choose the right person. In my book, Maria is the right person.

    • Thank you Damien! I am humbled by these amazing words, and given that you are someone who gets branding and holistic marketing, it means that much more!

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