It is Goode to be Romantic


Maria and Greg with Wine Glass

 I remember my first time in Sonoma. I had just started dating my boyfriend, a dizzyingy smart  social applications entrepreneur known as Gregarious on Twitter. In an incredibly romantic   move, he flew me out to San Francisco, where he spends at least half his time. The trip  included a weekend trip to Sonoma to celebrate a friend’s birthday. And that is how he won  over my heart. I wanted to create this post to pay tribute to Sonoma, because no wine blog is  complete without a telling a story of the surrounding culture.  





I think the successful Lifestyle Correspondent for Murphy Goode, in addition to being a killer social media strategist, passionate about wine, will have to also be a passionate about the Sonoma region and its culture. Anyone who has been there and experienced it properly, will forever remember it. It is such a gorgeous and extremely romantic place with a very distinct culture. The culture is rustic, laid back, romantic, and obviously very much a wine culture. The romance of the wine, grapes, sun-drenched lush greenery, couples in love, friends chatting and laughing over a bottle of wine… Ah, just thinking back about my time there makes me feel like I am still there and makes me miss it ever more.  


For another incredibly romantic story, please check out the story of Rick Bakass proposal, published on the blog of Frank Gutierrez.

See you all in Sonoma!

Maria and Friends in Sonoma

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  1. that is very sweet and romantic! 🙂 i’ll have to go up to sonoma for wine tasting soon…

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