Reason #3 – I’m A Newbie

Today is Wednesday, so it’s time to post my third reason for voters to vote for my A Really Goode Job video, as well as for Murphy Goode to pick me as their Lifestyle Correspondent. It’s simple: I am a newbie. Although we all have our own ideas on what MG is looking for in this hire, if I was them, I would look for someone with social media chops, who is great at storytelling, but not necessarily someone who is an established wine blogger. The benefit of hiring someone like that is that you can mold this person, who is not going to come to the job with preconceived notions or winery preferences.

In any job, as long as a new hire demonstrates key skills and characteristics, and is anxious and excited to learn, the industry-specific knowledge can be taught. This job is no different. However, the skills and the understanding of Web 2.0 tools, community and dynamics can not be taught in such a short time: it has to have been learned through years of interaction, learning and practicing. Even though I am not a wine blogger and not a professional sommelier, I do have a passion for wine, have been drinking it my whole life (watch my video to find out how old I was when I had my first drink of wine), and love its conversation-enhancing and community-building quality. And lastly, because I am new to the wine-making process, it will be easy for consumers to identify with me and go on a journey with me to learn wine tasting and wine making.

So vote for me! Pick me! I am a wine newbie, but I am passionate about learning wine and winemaking, and learn quickly (once I learned a whole semester of Algebra in one weekend!). I am passionate (on the border of fanaticism) about social media, Twitter and blogging, and as I have demonstrated with this blog, I have the chops to produce text, photo and video content. I have the tools, yet I am a blank canvas.

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  1. Maria I have no doubt that your newbie status will have no baring on your performance in ANY job. Your rapid evolution into social media maven and thought leader is proof positive that you can do anything you put your mind to.

    This community is friendly, but they don’t fully embrace new people unless they have something fresh and relevant to say – and you pulled it off 🙂

    Good luck with the dream job – if they make the mistake of picking someone else, there will be countless others who will step up to take advantage of the opportunity!

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