On importance of cultural fit – Reason #5

In any job or any professional relationship, a cultural fit is extremely important. All too often, things don’t work out between client and provider, or employee and employer, not because of lack of relevant skills, but rather due to a bad cultural fit. One of the tenets that Murphy Goode holds near and dear is: taking wine-making seriously, but not taking themselves too seriously. 

We love making wine. Flat-out love it. We’ve won plenty of awards and plan to win a whole lot more. That said, we also love football. And family. And laughing till we can barely breathe. You see, the same passion we have for wine, we unabashedly bring to everything we do. We live every day as if it were the best day in our lives. And who’s to say it isn’t.

This fits into my personal mantra perfectly. I am very passionate about and committed to my career, marketing, branding and social media. However, having a really good time is key. I do not take myself too seriously, and as you can see from my “Very Bad Date” videos, I enjoy laughing, enjoying my time with friends, and do not hesitate to make a fool out of myself. I am a “people person”, which allows me to build connections quickly online and IRL (in real life), and makes me extremely relate-able.

This concludes my “5 Reasons why I should be the Lifestyle Correspondent for Murphy Goode. Hopefully, these reasons will help you figure out why you should vote for me, and why Murphy Goode should ultimately select me. To vote, please click here! I appreciate your support.

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