Acting Silly is Sometimes Goode

By now I am sure that you have heard that I didn’t make the Murphy Goode “Top 50”. Although a tiny bit disappointed, I am mostly happy for having had this great opportunity to connect with awesome minds in the “Wine 2.0” industry, having tasted tons of wines, produced quite a few blogposts and videos, and had a ton of fun in the process.

Yes, it was fun indeed. Shooting the many takes of my entry video, as well as my mock commercial, can almost get tiring, unless you commit to having fun in the process. So we took some footage of us just fooling around. Sharing these is a fantastic way to close out the experience on a positive note. Enjoy our outtakes (and please note that we are not really drunk – actually we are stone-cold sober): 

Outtakes Vol. 2:

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  1. Maria, what a great way to wrap this up!

    You rock and I would love to continue to work with you… let’s keep the US-Germany lines open, k?

    ‘Cause I truely believe that your wine2.0 social media days are just beginning, especially now that you are out of the MG race… you can slow the pace a bit yet continue to keep your profile active for those wineries who are keeping a very keen out on this whole process…

    Catch you on the peak of the waves! Surf’s up!

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