A Very Bad Date – Episode #4

Here’s the final installment of the “Very Bad Date” miniseries. Have you ever seen a guy so annoying that the woman was tempted to take desperate action… like a restraining order! Please share some humor with us!

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A Very Bad Date Saga Continues

We are still having fun with our “A Very Bad Date” mini series. Enjoy episode #3: “Have you seen this guy?” Girls, I know you have seen this sleazebag in a bar / club: 

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“Very Bad Date” becomes a mini-series

We had so much fun making the “Very Bad Date” video that we decided to make it into a mini-series and shoot it during networking events during the course of the 140 Characters Conference. Here Bif and Maria run into each other after their “Very Bad Date”. Bif is eating pizza the whole time! It is so rude to talk with your mouth full. Definitely not classy!

We hope you enjoy our silly mini-series. Amidst all the serious blogposts, we wanted to remember that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Enjoy!

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